A database with the address and council tax band for every property in Great Britain has been compiled. In total there are currently 28,486,982 addresses.  To each address record we have appended a wide range of data:-

             a) Geographic descriptors such as region, local authority, parliamentary constituencies etc.

             b) Ordnance Survey Grid References to facilitate more local marketing.

             c) The Sonar geo-demographic classification

             d) Postcode predictors of wealth and the presence of families.

             e) 2011 Census data for about 200 variables.

             f) ONS classification of Multiple Deprivation.

             g) ONS data on Child Benefit Claimants in 2018

             h) Land Registry data on property prices


The database has a number of distinct applications:-

Firstly, as a source for matching to existing customer databases to augment and enrich the data held. This will improve knowledge of the customer base and will enable more informed marketing decisions and better predictive statistical models.

Secondly, as a source of addresses for campaign activity.  The database can be updated on a regular basis and is compliant with data protection law as no name is supplied with the address. 



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