The value of your property is a powerful indicator of affluence, and knowing the price the property was sold for enables you to identify expensive properties. The very act of moving is a demand trigger for all sorts of goods and services and by knowing the date of sale it is possible to identify recent movers  and this is a significant and important market. As well as recent movers  it is also possible to identify properties with long standing residents or properties of a particular type. Currently there are around 13.5 million addresses held on the database   


Land Registry release information on house price sales in England & Wales. The information is released on a monthly basis from 1995 onwards and provides:-

          • Full address of the property 
          • Price paid for the property
          • Date of sale
          • Property type (Detached, Semi, Terraced, Flat/Maisonette)
          • New build or not
          • Freehold or leasehold.



In addition, the following has also been derived and added to the database:-

  • The number of times the property has been sold since 1995
  • A modelled estimator as to the value of the property in 2018. Properties could have been sold at any time since  January 1995
  • Region



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